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Their customer service is excellent and each call has been handled professionally by their staff. US Warranty really does care and listens to us and our needs.

We are NOT interrogated about our problem, the entire team and I worked together until the work order is finished and paid. With the great experience, I'm glad my customers have the US Warranty.  I had may interactions with various employees and they were always very positive.

First, Mark helped me with my claims parts to find the best part for the customer; Jay, the manager, helped finding "hard to get" parts for motor homes and travel trailers.

It's great to see a company that actually listens to the customers' feedback.

I would highly recommend them to everyone looking for extended warranties.

Phillip M.

Little Dealer Little Prices


Hi Jay, Just a note to wish you a safe and happy new year and a big thank you for being the best company I deal with- Between your easy to navigate website, claims filing, claims authorization and payment processing.

I would work 7 days a week if all my customers had your contracts. I'm going to call you at the beginning of the year just to say hi since the claims are so quickly handled.... I don't get to talk to you. 

Have a great new year.

Brenda McC. 

Dream RV


I have personally been in the RV Industry for over 27 years, 10 of those years was at the manufactuing level. The last twelve years have been in the service side of the industry.

In the last 10 years, I have worked with most of the extended warranty companies on the market and I believe that there is none better than US Warranty!  Always friendly and very knowledgable service, easy process and very fast payment.

A real pleasure to work with US Warranty; I look forward to another ten years of an awesome working relationship. As our company grows so will our relationship with US Warranty and see both of our companies reaching new levels and breaking records!

Truly looking forward to an awesome 2016 year!

Thank you for the awesome partnership that we have !

Jeff K.

R and R RV


We at Alliance Coach would like to say a few words about the US Warranty Corporation.  The staff have always been courteous, helpful and professional. We have never had a problem dealing with them and they have paid their claims promptly.

Thank you


Warranty Manager

Alliance Coach


I have been working with the people at United States Warranty for many years. They all have been very courteous, professional and easy to work with from starting the claim until the payment is recieved.

I would recommend  a policy from this company to all my customers.

Bill L.
Service Advisor

Temecula Valley RV


Gardner's RV has been doing business with United States Warranty for well over 10 years to help our customers acquire extended warranty policies for future repairs.

I have been working personally with US Warranty since I have been in the warranty department here at Gardners' since 2013. In my opinion, US Warranty is by far the most efficient, honorable and user friendly extended warranty company that I have interacted with while in this position to date.

I have been asked by potential and current customers my opinion of extended warranty companies on the market and I rate US Warranty at the top of my list.

I have never had the feeling that the people at US Warranty have tried to find a reason to deny a claim other than the component needing the repair is not covered under the policy purchased .

I look forward to all my future interactions with the claim processors at United States Warranty.

Sean K

Gardner's RV


I have worked with US Warranty Corp. for over 14 years and they are by far the best extended service contract to work with. They team together with the service depts to provide the utmost quality and care for their customers.

I have seen the staff at US Warranty go the extra mile to help us and our mutual customers by their availability and knowledge.

James T.
Service Consultant
Eugene Or

The RV Corral


"Everytime we cal we ask for Katie. She's the best! ALways responsive and helpful. Overall USWC is a great company to partner with!"

Gloria H
RV Masters

After being in the customer service area for 20 + years come to appreciate those that get the job done with professionalism and courtesy.

Many service contracts drag out the process of approval and make it as difficult as possible to get the work done. 

NOT US Warranty. Their help is immediate and resourceful if needed. Contracts are straight forward and honored as written. Can't say enough good things about the experience when dealing with any of the claims adjusters and receptionists.

Keep up the good work!

Ken C.

Motorcoach Sales and Service


"Great service ! Katie has been amazing. The prices are great and the customers love the plans! They really sell themselves. We are extremely happy to be doing business with USWC!"

Chris F
My Financing USA

We absolutely love helping customers out that have the United States Warranty package. It is so easy to get ahold of you guys to ask questions, find hard parts, and even get paid for the work that we have completed. 

It makes it a pleasureable experience for both the owner and myself.

I will definitely be recommending a US Warranty to all of our customers .


Clay A.
Mesa, AZ

Rowley White RV


"Your company's employees and services are great."

Kathy E
Paul Everts RV Country

Yesterday I called in for an approval and talked to Jay. I have to say, it was the fastest approval I have ever had, and I have been dealing with extended warranties for several years and I don't remember it ever going so well. Jay was very helpful and wonderful at customer service.

South Side Motors, Inc

Just filed my first claim after 3 years and it was a very good experience. I think you always worry a little about how the claim will be resolved, but Andy was great to work with. He explained patiently all the aspects of the claim and what was covered and what was not. He called back and let me know what the final amount was. This kind of service is great and I appreciate it.

By the way, McKays RV, a local RV shop in Albany, OR also mentioned that this was the best warranty company, and they were right!

Thanks again for your great service. 


We appreciate doing business with you - you are the only insurance company whose credit cards we will normally accept.

Cummins Northwest, Inc.

We recently read an article in one of our R.V. Club Magazines on the various warranty companies that members had bad experiences with and decided to let you know that our claims and experience with your company has been very satisfactory and our claims have been handled with courtesy and professionalism. We are going to forward our letter to the magazine editor on behalf of your company.


Thank you for your prompt attention. Jay was very cordial and professional. Your people in claims payment were great as well."

3-T's RV Products, Inc.

You were great to work with.


J & B Enterprises

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help in getting the issue with our client's Motor Home settled so quickly. We have found, in the past, that aftermarket warranty companies tend to be less than cooperative or friendly to deal with when it comes to settling a claim. Therefore, it is needless to say that we were delighted when Ted was able to work with us and our customer to get the claim settled in such a timely and favorable manner. The lack of delay tactics on your part left us pleasantly surprised. Thank you again for all your help.


I am writing to let you know about the exemplary service I've received from your company and from a couple specific associates over the last couple weeks. I really felt I had a friend in all of this because of the personal service and extra time and effort by Taylor and Ted in the Claims Department. I also spoke with a couple of the receptionists at different times, and every contact made with your company was professional and pleasant. You can certainly be assured that I will again purchase an extended warranty through your company when it comes time to upgrade my coach. Customer service is the most important part of any business, and your company does a great job!


Of all the extended service providers, we have found that USWC is the easiest to explain to our customers when selling the product, as well as when filing a claim. The prompt payment of the claim makes life much easier for both the customer as well as the service company. Thank you USWC!

Western Reserve Camper