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Motorhome Multitasking

The most common reasons people buy a motorhome are to travel the country, to go camping and to view nature in all its splendor. But when you’re not out on the road, you have a very expensive vehicle sitting unused somewhere in a parking spot. But what if you didn’t have to leave the motorhome stranded for weeks or months at a time? What if there were everyday uses for a motorhome that would make it less of a mobile vacation home and more of a utility vehicle? Think about your daily activities and ask yourself, “Could I be using the motorhome for this?”

I have a 37-foot Jayco Seneca Super C, so I need to pay close attention to the parking situations wherever I go. Always check on parking availability before heading out on your urban adventures.


As a child, decades before I was even close to purchasing an RV, I often thought about how much better Christmas shopping would be if I only had a place to relax for awhile. My mother would take the family to the mall where everyone would be set free for the entire day to do their gift shopping. After an hour or so I was done (How much could a child really buy?), but the rest of the crew was still going strong.

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