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Repair Facility

Please read all of the following information carefully before proceeding to the claim form:

An authorizatoin number must be obtained from us before repair work is commenced.

If a failure requires emergency repair:

  • Contact our on-call claims specialist at 800-233-9878 and follow the prompts to file an emergency claim.
  • Have the contract holder authorize the inspection/tear down of the unit to determine the cause of failure and cost of repair. (Inform contract holder that the cost of tear down will not be paid if USWC determines that the failure is not covered under the contract).
  • Determine the cause of failure, the correction required and the cost of repair
  • You must obtain an authorization # and authorization amount from the administrator prior to commencing the repair.
  • Review USWC findings with the contract holder and obtain contract holder consent to proceed with the repair
  • For payment, submit the competed repair order to the following address: United States Warranty Corporation, 6150 Parkland Blvd., Suite 100 Mayfield Heights, OH 44124 or fax to 866.876.1594.

All repair orders must be signed by the contract holder and include:

  • USWC contract number
  • name, address, phone number
  • the authorization number
  • important vehicle information (i.e. year, make , model, milage,odometer reading) 

               All repair orders must be submitted to USWC within 30 days of authorization date

Pursuant to the terms of the service contract, USWC reserves the right to conduct an independent inspection/evaluation. You must retain all parts including fluids and associated filters until the claim is concluded.
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Repair Facility Information


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