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Mechanical Breakdown

Authorization must be obtained from us before repair work is commenced. Failure to obtain authorization will result in the denial of your claim.

In the event of a breakdown:

Contact us immediately to report and discuss the claim prior to commencing the repairs in order for us to do a preliminary evaluation of our liability.

To report a claim call:   1(800)-233-9878 or complete the form below.

  • It is your responsibility to authorize the repair facility to diagnose the problem and to contact us to provide the diagnosis and an estimate of the parts and labor.
  • We will evaluate the claim and upon our acceptance of liability, we will issue an authorization number and confirm the repair cost.
  • Upon completion of the repair, review the service performed with the repair facility and make certain that you are satisfied before signing the work order approving us to pay the repair cost.
  • Documentation must be received by USWC within thirty (30) days of the authorization date in order to be eligible for payment.  Authorized claims will not be valid after 30 days from the date authorized.


Prior to issuing the authorization, we reserve the right to request and you agree to provide documentation regarding the  vehicle including but not limited to: service and maintenance records, vehicle analysis software reports, photographs and parts in their failed state. Prior to paying the repair cost, we reserve the right to receive a signed proof of loss or release from you . We reserve the right to conduct an independent inspection of the vehicle and /or its parts.

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